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Helping Your Child Live Well With Asthma

Asthma still isn’t curable, but you can help your child live well with asthma by following a carefully crafted asthma action plan. This plan details your child’s symptoms and asthma treatment plan. Essentially, this will help in reducing your child’s flare-ups and symptoms.

With help from your pediatrician here at West End Pediatrics in Alexandria VA, Dr. Lisa Rainey, or Dr. Perdita Taylor-Zapata, you can keep your child’s condition controlled. Asthma management, especially in kids, can seem daunting, but these guidelines can help make things so much easier.

Monitoring Your Child’s Asthma Symptoms with an Action Plan

This written plan is a very vital tool that will help determine the effectiveness of your child’s treatment, according to his or her symptoms. You should create this plan with your pediatrician Alexandria, VA and it should outline specific steps for managing your child’s symptoms. All relevant people, including family, close friends, caretakers, teachers, and the like must have a copy of your child’s asthma action plan. This plan can help with:

  • Gauging how your child’s symptoms impact his or her daily activities including playing, sports, and sleeping
  • Monitoring the times your child experiences a flare-up or attack
  • Determine the efficacy of your child’s medications and side effects, if any
  • Adjusting medications
  • Checking your child’s lung function using a peak flow meter
  • Recognizing when you should consult your Pediatrician Alexandria, VA and when to obtain emergency help

Most asthma action plans utilize the red, yellow, and green zones stoplight system that corresponds to your child’s symptoms. It can help in the accurate and quick determination of the intensity of your child’s symptoms and in identifying asthma attack warning signs.

Controlling What Triggers Your Child’s Asthma

Being diligent in helping your child avoid his or her specific asthma triggers is an immensely crucial part of asthma management. Because triggers differ from one child to another, you must work closely with your pediatrician to identify possible triggers and work towards keeping your child away from them.

Sticking to The Asthma Action Plan is Key

Observing and making adjustments to the plan is important to keep your child’s symptoms in check. Careful and consistent monitoring of your child’s symptoms and making necessary treatment changes as necessary are likewise vital. With proper management, you can help your little one reduce disruptions brought about by asthma and avoid flare-ups.

Need Help Managing Your Child’s Asthma, Speak to Us

Dial (703) 823-7400 to arrange an appointment with your pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Rainey, or Dr. Perdita Taylor-Zapata of West End Pediatrics here in Alexandria VA.

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